Introducing Spotlight on Teachers!

Teacher ​Camila Barcelos Ferreira with her students in Brazil

Recognizing that our teachers are the pivotal force in our endeavors to create a global community, we are dedicating this page to those who are instrumental in connecting our youth to their global communities. We are thrilled to introduce our new blog that features a resource to honor and support those teachers without whom this program would not be possible. Spotlight on Teachers is written for and by teachers who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, the benefits of creating space in their already busy curriculum to join with our Connect One to One Peace Pal program.

Each new blog post will feature tips and best practices our teachers have found useful towards achieving the greatest engagement with their students, including creating the highest quality letters possible. Since we can learn from one another, we also include the teachers’ POV, sharing their greatest challenges, as well as successes. Essentially we are creating a supportive environment that will sustain one another throughout the year. You are not alone-you have colleagues committed to including the skills they have learned that is needed for intercultural understanding and communication with our budding future leaders.

Have ideas for a Spotlight on Teachers post, stories of successes and challenges, or tips and best practices you’d like to share? We want to hear from you! Contact us at

Stay tuned to our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and join our email list on the front page of this blog to follow this blog for updates on new content as we move into the school year!

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