Spotlight on Teachers

October 16, 2019

In this installment of Spotlight on Teachers, we hear from Debbie Webster, Global One to One Education Program Director, on feedback we’re getting about the new support materials for teachers.

A huge thank you to all our wonderful PeacePal teachers for getting the 2019-2020 year off to a great start!  We know the beginning of the school year is very hectic, and we really appreciate your efforts to get our program off and running successfully. Because of your hard work, the first set of letters from U.S. students to their international peers in Brazil, India, Kenya, Nepal, Serbia, Spain, and South Sudan have been sent, and we expect to get the first set of reply letters in November.

We are always looking for ways to support you and fine tune our materials to make things easier for you.  This year, we have added slide show presentations for your students that highlight objectives and activities of the introductory lessons and the prompts or preparatory questions for the letter writing. 

An example of one of our introductory PowerPoint slides

Feedback about the slide shows has been very positive.  Lucy Kozikowski from Sandia Prep commented,

“I did appreciate your initial materials and slide shows.  I used the link at the end of lesson 1 to send an email to all the parents so they could see what their students would be involved in.  The applications came back more quickly with that email information.  It’s going great so far.”

Not only are the slide presentations a concise way to present background material, they also provide an engaging way to stimulate classroom discussions about the role of culture, and curiosity about each other’s culture. This kind of student interaction is a great way to generate ideas and a thoughtful approach to letter writing.

If you are a participating educator and would like to share your tips, success stories, questions for your colleagues, or feedback please contact us at We would love to put you in the Spotlight!

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