In My Experience: Board Members

Global One to One board member David Hadwiger

David Hadwiger and his wife Dru Soherr Hadwiger have welcomed many international visitors into their home over the years. When they joined the group of Global One to One host families at the Albuquerque airport last February to welcome the arriving Open World Leadership delegation from Ukraine, David had a special welcome gift for their guest Denys Zboroshenko–a colorful piñata. David is known and loved for his unique sense of humor, and Denys immediately felt at home and at ease with his host family.

My wife and I first became involved with Global One to One when we hosted a visitor from the Ukraine – a young man who worked for the Ukrainian parliament and was in New Mexico to study educational policy innovations.  Denys spoke English fluently and was a perfect diplomat.  We shared our house with him and showed him some of our favorite sights in central New Mexico.  We took him to my favorite pizza restaurant in Corrales and boasted that it was the best pizza in the world.  He remarked with a smile, “I have not eaten at every pizza restaurant in the world, so I can’t say if this is the best.  However, if there is a best pizza restaurant in the world, I think it would taste like this.”  One of his colleagues, Miroslav, joined us for dinner one night, because his English was weaker and I speak some Russian.  The four of us spent the evening stumbling across three languages and laughing when mistakes were made.

Global One to One host families and Open World delegates from Ukraine

I helped arrange meetings with the Lieutenant Governor, Deputy Cabinet Secretary of the Public Education Department, and Chairs of the New Mexico House and Senate Education Committees for the Ukrainian group.  I joined the group in Santa Fe for a day.  They asked excellent questions and discussed each meeting among themselves afterward.  I was proud of the Ukrainians and the New Mexico education reform leaders.  The individuals who come to New Mexico for programs such as these are bright and fun.  They welcome a chance to share our culture.

-David Hadwiger

This is an example of the bonds we strive to build, and the intercultural communication that we foster through each of our programs.

If you have an experience involving Global One to One or our programs that you would like to share, please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from and feature you! Follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and our updated LinkedIn and join our blog mailing lists for when new posts go live!

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