WITW Holiday Edition: Answer Sheet

Each week Global One to One will share new facts about holidays worldwide, the answers to those questions will be collected here.

Question 1

Question one: According to legend, who was the first person to decorate a Christmas tree?

This week’s question focused on the origin of the tradition of decorating Christmas trees, which originates from a very unlikely source.

The first story of people decorating Christmas trees actually comes from 16th century Germany, and according to legend was a tradition started by Martin Luther, the original leader of the protestant reformation. It is said he loved the stars showing through the pine tree needles so much that he tried to recreate the look with candles in his own home.

Before trees became popular, many people even decorated pyramids of wood if they couldn’t obtain a tree. Ornaments became popular in America in the early 1800’s, when ornaments from Germany began to be imported at high levels.

Question 2

Question 2: What country celebrates Christmas on a hot sunny beach in December?

The answer to this question is actually Australia! Christmas occurs during Australian summer vacation, and is therefore usually a time to get out on the beach and surf, grill and spend time with family.

Some people will decorate their houses with summer blooming flowers and palm leaves, while others do a more traditional Christmas tree. There is also an event called Carols at Candlelight that is a highlight of this season, where people gather to sing and listen to carols in a beautiful outdoor concert. The season is filled with feasting as well, which employ dishes from a variety of Christmas traditions from all over the world!

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