Where in the World?

This week’s question asks where in the world there is a city named after a day of the week? In gearing up for our international visitors in March we wanted to explore more interesting facts and information about their fascinating country and share them with our followers!

The answer is…..Tajikistan! Their capital is Dushanbe which means Monday in the Persian language and is taken from the city’s past growth and development. The name Dushanbe comes from the history of the city, which started as a small village in the region. The city got it’s name from the massive market that was held there every week, which was always held on Monday. Being at a crossroads for the region, the market was extremely popular and became so well known it became associated with the region and helped the city grow. What started as a village of around 500 households grew through the years into a massive city of close to 900,000 people. The city was renamed in the late 1920’s to reflect the USSR’s control of the region, but has since returned to it’s original name of Dushanbe with the country’s independence in 1991.

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