Spotlight on Teachers!

“I am personally grateful for this exchange since it has helped our boys and girls develop a positive attitude towards matters of peace”

-Teacher Somba from Kikaso Secondary School, Kenya

In this installment of Spotlight on Teachers, we’ll be looking at a unique case in Global One to One’s history. Usually we do not ask instructors to write letters as part of the program, however a few of our international teachers decided to write some truly amazing letters on their own about the program and the experiences their students have had when writing letters to U.S. students. We want to highlight the amazing work these teachers do for their students and how dedicated they are to giving them the best possible education.

Students in South Sudan with their teacher John Mustapha Kutiyote

These five letters all come from instructors in rural villages in Kenya from different schools. The letters from the students in Kenya were really showcasing the connections that Global One to One helps to foster. These letters show thoughtful responses, a genuine love and curiosity for the culture of others, and reflect the positive outcomes described by their teachers below, and show how these connections can really make a difference in the lives of our future leaders. Click below to read some of the things these teachers have to say about their experience with Global One to One’s programs and how their communities have been affected by these one to one connections!

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