Where in the World?

This week’s question asks “Where in the world is there a history of beekeeping that has lasted more then 5000 years?” The answer is Iraq!

While large portions of Iraq are deserts, there is actually a sizable portion that is good for agriculture. Located right between the two famous rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, Iraq has a history of very fertile development. Once known as Mesopotamia, the area now called Iraq has been the home of numerous ancient cities and empires, such as Ur, and as a result has been a constant place of settled agriculture for thousands of years. One of the primary practices that has been passed down through families is beekeeping, highlighting the importance of honey in both ancient and modern cultures. There is even evidence of tablets dating all the way from the ancient Sumerians that detailed uses for honey from cooking all the way to medicine. In modern times beekeeping and honey production provide income for many Iraqi families and is a primary food staple grown in the mountains and more fertile parts of Iraq.

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