Cultural Exchanges

Students in Ethiopia reading a letter from a PeacePal in the U.S.

Our international exchanges allow young leaders from around the world to experience different and unique cultures, as well as foster communication and relations between them. Over the past few years our exchanges have reached people all across the globe from Ukraine to Tajikistan and will continue this July with students from different locations in Mexico to explore solutions to problems in their communities. Stay updated on social media and this blog to follow the exchange as it happens.

A timeline of our previous exchanges

How Engage One to One Works

The foundation upon which we can build sustainable security and peace in our communities and nations depends on the development of shared values, dialogue, tolerance, respect, and understanding.

Engage One to One achieves this by connecting students and young leaders in both local and global communities directly, providing opportunities to talk, exchange ideas, and learn from each other on a far deeper level than a traditional educational setting. These exchanges provide young people with the skills necessary to foster civil global society and collaboration with diverse peers. 

Impact to Date

With 7 different countries participating in exchanges over the last 2 years, and with the 8th coming up very soon the reach of Engage 1to1 has been expanding rapidly. The exchanges allow these young leaders to meet and exchange ideas and serve as important building blocks for communication across borders.

Check out more details about our previous exchanges, as well as our Youth summits on our website here