Our Mission

Global One to One connects young leaders and future changemakers across the globe at a personal level, opening minds and hearts to the power of respect, empathy, and our common humanity. These connections create a foundation upon which a more peaceful and just future can be built. Our two programs, connect one to one and engage one to one utilize different strategies in order for these young leaders to interact, but also work together to create a cohesive intercultural communicative experience

About Connect One to One

In 2007 our program began as Project PeacePal, an international pen-pal letter exchange, with the intention of providing youth across the globe with opportunities to directly communicate with each other. Since that time Project PeacePal has grown into the organization now known as Global One to One, connecting. over 18,000 students in 29 countries across the globe. Our unique approach cultivates intercultural understanding and empathy in a way that can only take place when we interact one to one.


Our letters have reached all accross the world and will be heading to more as the program expands. Our impact to date can be seen in this graphic- with nothing but room to grow as we move into starting the school year once again

You can read more about our mission, as well as previous testimonies on our website here